Due to multiple Typhoons Hitting in the Northern region of the Philippines recently, there is a great need for help. Triad Journey Church is raising funds that will be given to organizations on the ground who are providing relief to those who have been impacted .  If you would like to help with this need you may go to our giving page and give.  Under To:  Select Typhoon Relief.  Thank you for your help with this.

Philippine Typhoon Relief

The Triad Journey Church took action to 5 hard hit locations in the Philippines.

1.  Bagumbayan, Bula. Camarinnes Sur - Congregation of Pastor Lauro Rito.



2.  Albay, Catanduanes - Congregation of Pastor Ramir Bidogon.



3. Greater Bicol Area -Global Aid Network (GAIN) a Campus Crusade For Christ. Congregation of Dr. Rod Santos.



4. Cagayan Valley and Remote part of Bicol region - Compassion Co. - Congregation of Daniel Spaeth.



5. Greater Quezon region - Missionary Mae Zerata - (pictures to follow)